San Rafael, Argentina

The continent that has it all.

I was born here, In the United States of America. We have it all. Tropical beaches, massive lakes, running rivers, high mountain tops, and intriguing states that have their own personalities.

Travel a bit more south and the wonders of Latin America are rumbling with culture, amazing food, great beaches, and backpacking destinations. I’ve spent months backpacking through Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

North of the United States, I’ve visited states in both East and West Canada. Montreal is a nice road trip from New Jersey making one feel like they stepped into France as everyone there speaks English and French.

Hiking in South America

South America offers many beautiful hiking destinations. Here I focus on hikes in Patagonia and Peru.

Best Places to see in Mexico

Many people flock to Cancun to soak up the sun and tequila in the Caribbean ocean. Mexico also offers beautiful gems like ruins, cenotes, and mystical rivers.